[maemo-users] Keyboard for N800

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Tue Dec 11 02:29:40 EET 2007
Peter Flynn wrote:
> Ryan Pavlik wrote:
>> The easiest thing to do is when you get the keyboard, go into the 
>> bluetooth control panel, pair it, and choose to make it a preferred 
>> device.  
> I don't have an option for that. There's an option for "Trusted Device" 
> which is set OK.
That's the one I meant.
>> Then, hitting any key and waiting a moment or two will 
>> auto-connect it from that point forward.
> Doesn't do that on mine. You have to open
> Tools
> Control Panel
> Bluetooth (two taps)
> Bluetooth On (check)
> Visible (check)
> Devices (tap)
> Think Outside Keyboard (select)
> Edit (tap)
> Connect (tap)
> OK
> Close
> OK
> Close Control Panel
> 14 taps to do the job.
> Methinks the designers were having a bad hair day when they did this.
> The BT icon should be permanently up in the toolbar, and turning BT on
> should auto enable all trusted devices in range by default.
Except for the "Visible" checkbox (which is _not_ necessary - that's if 
you want the N800 to show up as a device on other peoples' 
Bluetooth-capable devices), what you described is exactly what I have, 
except I don't need to do that every time.  I'd remove the device from 
the list on the N800, remove the battery from the keyboard (so it 
forgets its pairings), then put the battery back in.  Now, push and hold 
the little white button on the keyboard until the light blinks.  You 
should be able to "add" the device in the bluetooth control panel 
devices screen - accept the PIN the Nokia gives you (that is, click OK 
on that screen after making sure "trusted" is checked), type the PIN on 
the keyboard while it is waiting and press enter on the keyboard.  It 
should fiddle about for a few seconds, then your bluetooth icon should 
turn blue and you should be good to go.  From then on, just don't turn 
off Bluetooth on the N800 - simply press any key on the keyboard to 
re-connect it.  (Don't press the little reset white switch thing!)  If 
you do turn off bluetooth on the N800, just turn it back on, then back 
out of the dialogs and hit a key on the keyboard, and it will work.

It's really that simple - it sounds like perhaps the keyboard never 
initially got paired right or something.  If I ever have trouble with 
mine (which is rare, but happens sometimes when the batteries are almost 
dead) I just follow these steps and it works again.
>> Ctrl works fine for me (full-sized iGo/ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth) 
>> - perhaps you mean Fn?  The layout on the N800 intercepts Fn and 
>> interprets it as a "right-click", so if you want to use any Fn-whatever 
>> key combinations (in light blue on the keyboard), you need to set up a 
>> small change.  I saw the instructions either on this list or 
>> internettablettalk.com recently - I think they involved xmodmap, google 
>> shall certain find them.
> I seem to remember seeing that, but assumed it wasn't meaningful, as I 
> don't have xmodmap on my N800.
> ///Peter
Presumably that is available online, maemo.org/downloads or similar, or 
can be cross-compiled without modification in scratchbox.

Hope this helps!


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