[maemo-users] OS2008: beta version of Modest e-mail client available

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 12 00:24:27 EET 2007
I really love it!!!!!
So fast even on gprs!

The way mail reading was meant to be.

Thanks a lot for this gem. It deserves a place in the next os release.

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> Dear Maemo-Users,
> If you're using OS2008 (Chinook), you might be interested in
> the Modest email program (http://modest.garage.maemo.org)
> [ Scroll down for the install file (but please read this mail
> first!). ]
> We've been working on "Modest" for a while now, with great
> contributions from Igalia (http://www.igalia.com/news/modest),
> Philip Van Hoof (Tinymail), Openismus and others. And while
> it's not finished or bugfree yet, you might want to give
> it a try. We'll be blogging on Planet Maemo with news and
> updates.
> Some highlights:
>     - the basics: POP/IMAP/SMTP (normal/secure);
>     - IMAP folders support, and IMAP-IDLE ("push-email")
>     - easy setup of new accounts
>     - send and receive of rich text-emails
>     - managing mail with your fingers
>     - 100% open-source with a BSD-like license
> Some important notes:
>     - modest will *not* replace the official e-mail program
>     - it does have the same name/icon in the menus, so don't
>        get confused!
>     - modest uses English, regardless of your settings
>     - modest works great with Gmail; don't forget to use
>        'user at gmail.com' as your username, not just 'user'.
> You can find an install file here:
> http://modest.garage.maemo.org/repos/modest-chinook.install
> This is for OS2008 (Chinook), and will *not* work on OS2007.
> It's bèta release, not for production use, so use at your own
> risk!
> If you do, please let us know what you think of modest. Please
> refer  to our webpage to see the various communication
> channels that are available -- thanks.
> Best wishes,
> The Modest Team.
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