[maemo-users] (update) Re: OS2008: beta version of Modest e-mail client available

From: Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com
Date: Wed Dec 12 14:17:53 EET 2007
Hi all,

Thank you all for your interest in Modest so far, in this mail
I'll try to answer some of the questions.

* first, after some discussion, please file any bugs you might
  find under Communication/Modest in bugzilla.maemo.org; please
  do _not_ use Communication/Email, that's for the old client,

* despite my warnings, I got reports that Modest works quite Ok
  on OS2007/Bora. That's great news! We'll try to keep it that way
  for the foreseeable future. You will have to build your own
  packages for OS2007 though.

* even if Modest does not replace the existing email-client right
  now, it may do so in the future of course :) And, hopefully soon 
  I'll publish some tricks to make Modest more of a first-class 
  citizen on OS2008.

* about IMAP-IDLE: in principle there is no network traffic at all
  (or after 30min) but in practice there are some timeouts; we are 
  currently tuning those to find the optimum reliability / battery 
  usage (some GPRS connections are not very nice).

* IMAP subscriptions: not supported atm. will look into that, but
  no promises.

Best wishes,


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