[maemo-users] "airplane mode" for traveling

From: Steve Yelvington steve at yelvington.com
Date: Fri Dec 14 01:20:23 EET 2007
I am "only"a frequent flier (Delta Platinum) and by no means an official 
source, but it's my understanding there is NO FAA rule regarding devices 
that might emit RF radiation. Try "google site:faa.gov bluetooth" and 
see what shows up.

The ironclad rule is that you have to do as you're told by the crew (and 
if you don't, you can be arrested for that). The airlines make their own 
policy decisions and you have to obey them.

I have not seen any specific references to Bluetooth in any "back of the 
magazine" policy documents on airlines I've flown recently. I've heard 
that British Airways specifically OKs Bluetooth but can't verify that.

Boeing has been trying to peddle wi-fi in aircraft for some time. 
Apparently the satellite link part is pretty expensive.

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