[maemo-users] "airplane mode" for traveling

From: skelso at nc.rr.com skelso at nc.rr.com
Date: Fri Dec 14 20:44:43 EET 2007
It looks like American Airlines, at least, disallows anything that transmits intentionally.  From their policy at [1]:

"Devices with transmitting capabilities may only be used if the transmit capability is turned off and can be verified by a flight attendant"

and more specifically about something that's likely to use Bluetooth these days (but who knows how long ago they wrote their policy):

"During flight, never use ...a cordless computer mouse"

So no specific mention of Bluetooth, but they're within a hair's breadth of it.

-- Scott

[1] http://www.aa.com/aa/i18nForward.do?p=/travelInformation/duringFlight/onboardTechnology.jsp&anchorEvent=false

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