[maemo-users] 15 dec Release n810?

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Sun Dec 16 10:55:01 EET 2007
On Saturday 15 December 2007 04:05:31 pm Peter Flynn wrote:
> Antonio Di Cello wrote:
> > Dear ,Alessandro , in italy we are always the last in everything
> >
> :-)
> Not true: we're always last in Ireland -- companies think we're
> part of the UK because we speak English, and they are often shocked
> to hear we're a separate state.
> ///Peter
> _______________________________________________

My greatest shocker in that part of the world came one night in Korea 
with both Irish and UK friends on a pub crawl.  We found out later 
that everything that our drunk Scotsman said was in English... who 
woulda thunk it ;)  

But seriously.  It's equally weird in the US.  We do and we don't get 
stuff.  Generally I was surprised that the 770 was available in the 
US as "small" usually doesn't make it here.  A 15Kg laptop, no 
problem.  The latest micro laptop from Fujitsu or Sony... Only way to 
get it is to go to Japan, buy it and bring it home to pay taxes on.  
That for me was why the 770 caught my eye, and wallet.  (My Libretto 
was bought over seas and man did I love that little sucker.) 


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