[maemo-users] Review of the automated update feature of 0S2008

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Sun Dec 16 23:35:04 EET 2007

   Since I've been using it so much.... figured I'd give it a review.  

On 2008-beta it doesn't quite go automagic.. this IMHO is good.  You 
do a normal Flash install.  Then as expected it notices your backup 
(the backup HAS to be done under 2008 for all of this to work.)  
completes a restore, reboots and asks if you want to now restore 

At this point it opens the Applications Manager for you.  Then 
nothing.   This is a bit un-expected as it had already asked if you 
wanted to begin.  So I connect to my WiFi and then traverse the menu 
to Tools > Application Restore 

Boom, it takes off immediately it updates the apt-get lists, 
calculates a list of all the "missing" applications. (not versions 
btw) and presents you with a list of what it thinks it needs to 
install (this list is dumbed up in that it only includes apps not 
their dependencies. )  

Installation from there procedes as normal.  There are interuptions 
for configuration related questions (just as it would happen if you 
installed the app as a singlet.) but otherwise no other human input 
is needed.

One big  plus is how it handles the non installable ( Bad file ... not 
in any of the repositories etc) it asks if you want to skip... and 
does so without a problem.  Additionally if you have to stop in the 
middle for any reason it will allow you to run it over and over each 
time calculating anew what is missing. 


Minor but there.  

1.  If at any time for any reason it can't install a file the 
last "screen" is a popup that says "Operation Failed"  This rather 
ominous alert is inaccurate.  Actually the overall program succeeded 
but the install of a single deb failed.  

2.  The dead spot when the Application Manager is first opened.  If I 
hadn't been nosy I never would have found the link I needed to click 
to get it all going.

3.  Pidgin config files still don't make it into a backup for some 


Overall a big 4.5 out of 5 stars and a very useful app.


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