[maemo-users] help!? my N810 seems dead(ish)

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Tue Dec 18 03:21:38 EET 2007
do you have a backup?  if you can get the nokia screen, perhaps you can reflash and try a fresh start.

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I have contacted Nokia support on this, but I am hoping one of you might be
able to help me out, if there is a magic incantation or button sequence or
battery removal and wait that might fix it.

Basically, my Nokia had a low battery yesterday (I got the warning: "Your
battery is low" or somesuch).  I plugged it in to the provided wall charger
and didn't look at it until this morning.  This morning it was dead and
would not power on or register that it was plugged in (no green LED, no
"disconnect the charger" notice).  I got in my car and plugged in a (brand
name) Nokia car charger and the device registered the charge and I was able
to power on the device.  I ran maemo mapper with GPS running on my way to
work with no problem (30 minutes or so).  Disconnected the car charger and
took it up to my desk, where I powered it off (using the power button menu)
and plugged it in with the wall charger (I brought it into work today).  It
registered that it was charging (green led, little charging battery icon)
and I let it sit for over two hours.  I noticed that instead of the usual
"unplug the charger" notice, it had flashed up the Nokia splash screen
(blue "Nokia" on white background - no status bar) then the backlight shut
off, and then the display entirely shut off.

I then tried a few combinations of things, including plugging/unplugging
the N810 (wall charger still), taking the battery out for a bit and putting
it back in.  No love.

I have gotten the nokia splash screen a few times, but it again shuts down
the backlight almost immediately and then the screen shuts of a little
after that.

Any thoughts for troubleshooting this?  Do I just have a bad unit?  I would
hate to send this in for repair when it is something I can easily fix on my
own (or worse, if it won't even show the problem for a repair tech...)

I am headed out to my car and will try the car charger again - maybe I just
have a bad desktop charger (that would be annoying, it is only 3 weeks

I very much appreciate any suggestions, including the 'black magic' that is
sometimes necessary to get devices out of a hung state.


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