[maemo-users] Disappearing Widgets.

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Dec 18 11:10:02 EET 2007

ext James Sparenberg wrote:
> On Monday 17 December 2007 07:02:57 am you wrote:
>> ext James Sparenberg wrote:
>>>    First, Yes I understand 2008 is a beta.  So please don't
>>> anyone get defensive.  But I think I have a case somehow of
>>> application vs 2008 and I'm trying to track it down. Can't file a
>>> bug until I can say "do this and that happens" or at least say
>>> what is happening.
>>>   I'm about to do a 3rd re-install this weekend.   Each one is
>>> promted by the same thing.  After a restart (last on promted by a
>>> need to change battery for a charged one while out)  I loose all
>>> visible widgets. No buttons (I've the text) no progress or scroll
>>> bars, nothing.  Now the functionality is still there.  If I guess
>>> the location of a scroll button it will scroll, Buttons though
>>> only defined by the text that was on them still push.

Did you see this issue right after boot, or only after using
the device for a while?

>>>   I seem to recall someone having this kind of event in the past
>>> and a cure existing.  Though for the life of me I can't remember
>>> what it was.
>>>   Any suggestions would be appreciated as this is #3 event in 3
>>> days. Though the "remember what was installed" feature of 2008 is
>>> working well.
>> I've never heard of this issue, so I assume it's 3rd party SW
>> issue.
>> What you have installed?  Any 3rd party themes for example?

Hm. I just remembered that I saw an effect like this in some devel
version of ITOS2006 on N770.  The reason was that some process had
used all the file descriptors and therefore Gtk apps couldn't get
shared memory segments with the X server and sapwood server couldn't
load new theme images.

However, Chinook has a large enough amount of file descriptors that you
can have all the pre-installed apps in use and one that has leaked as
many file descriptors as a single process can (thousand) and the device
still works.  So, this might not be the cause.   But to make sure,
please mail what this gives:
	cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr

> Not yet.  Havent found any for 2008.  Though I am begining to suspect 
> either Xournal or OMWeather. (or both.)

OMWeather was earlier leaking very badly (and because it's a Desktop
plugin and Desktop is OOM-protected, the applet could force device to
get very slow and eventually to reboot).

Please attach /proc/meminfo file contents from the situation when
this happens.

	- Eero

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