[maemo-users] n810 dpad menu buttons

From: DrFredC.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Tue Dec 18 19:43:47 EET 2007
Tim Ashman wrote:
> I have to agree I don't like the d-pad or menu button next to the keyboard.  
> It needs to be on the front like the last two.
IMHO, Nokia ought to consider N8xx faceplate button designs that would allow the option for the n8xx devices to evolve into a PSP like gamer for users inclined towards that sort of thing.  The n8xx has all sorts of power to play quality PC games with a poor to mediocre button interface.  

There's no reason that 'regular' n8xx users couldn't easily adapt to use a couple faceplate gamer buttons to do their business thing.  Especially given that the current faceplate button layouts are not particularly intuitive for either the n800 or n810 business users. 

Besides, the next frontier for personal devices appears to be media/computing/internet/phone/gamer.  No device currently does it all very well, but there's plenty of movement in this direction with the Iphone/Touch, wifi PSP and others.  The n8xx probably comes as close as any device in having all the hardware and software capabilities lined up.  A couple more months of game software development and it's there, except for the piss poor gamer button interface.  

Hmm, I suppose something like the n810 with it's keyboard option might even allow for a personal WC wifi gamer device, complete with headset doing battle in WC cyberspace.  I suppose we all could get used to stepping over and around the millions of WC zombies hanging out at every wifi hot spot they run into.  After all, we're adapting to using the n8xx buttons...   :S


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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