[maemo-users] starting up - ruggedizing

From: Fred Chittenden drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Wed Dec 19 19:13:43 EET 2007
On Wed, 19 Dec 2007 08:55:00 -0500
hendrik at topoi.pooq.com wrote:

> I've just ordered my first N800, and it should arrive in a few days.  
> I've read this list enough to know that it will do the things I want
> it to do (and more) once I write a few minor applications for it...
> Is it possible to ruggedize the N800?  I've already destroyed several 
> Nokia cell phones and a Palm pilot by letting them drop out of 
> my pocket onto the floor when I bend over.  (My Palm is still limping 
> along with gratuitous blobs of orange pixels and uneven backlighting 
> after several falls.  Kudos to the manufacturer!)

My ruggedizing solution finding  a smallish zippered $6 day planner
like deal at Target by Franklin-Coveys #365.  Fits in a large pocket.
Finds a easy home in my brief case/day pack.

* It holds the n800 real snuggly, with cushioning in every dimension,
comes with a small pen, a pad of paper which I divided in half to make a
little more room, and a few slots for business/credit cards and some $.

* It cushions drops quite well.
* Google up some screen protectors.  The case protects the screen well
if you put the screen on the paper pad side of the case, but you'll
want to protect the screen from stylus scratches. 
* You can open the zipper on one end to charge the device in the case.
* The case is snug enough of a fit to not
allow the n800 to slip out an unzipped end.
* There's just enough spare room for the ear piece.  
* For quick access, when you put the n800 in the case, lock the touch
screen and keys.  Unlocking is much quicker than booting up and saves
battery time over just leaving it on.

Any who, that's worked for me.  I'm sure there's other solutions to
ruggedizing use.  

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