[maemo-users] ATARASHI - n800 optimized ezine is out!

From: Norm@nSteinbach norm at nsteinbach.de
Date: Thu Dec 20 00:19:58 EET 2007
Carlos Pinto wrote:
> To answer a few questions, that already have been posted to me:
> Q: Can i view it with my 770?
> A: I have been informed today that it needs the Flash 9.x Plugin.
So you just jump on the Nokia-train of not supporting any hardware that 
isn't manufactured any more? (even if it isn't really a hardware-issue, 
but only a software-issue...) -> That's really pitty! Makes me not want 
to read your e-zine at all! Thanks for spoiling any interest in advance

& kind regards,

Norm at n

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