[maemo-users] starting up - ruggedizing

From: Fred Chittenden drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Thu Dec 20 01:14:46 EET 2007
> I've been using a Nintendo DS Lite case.  (got it on sale too!) has 
> lots of extra "pockets".  
I looked at that & psp cases, amongst other options.  The notebook
deal from Target was the best fit I ran into with about a half inch
of excess in width or length.  Plus it doesn't look like a game case
that some bozo might want to steal. 

 However the notebook dealy not big enough for a
charger or usb cable.  I just swap out the card for transfers and plug
it into the car charger away from the house while in the case, if the
charge runs down -- which is rare.

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