[maemo-users] any hope for 770

From: David Fass davidfass at gmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 20 15:07:04 EET 2007
Just wondering, is there any hope for stable applications on the 770,
or has that boat sailed?  I use AbiWord, which crashes at random
moments.  I use the default browser which also crashes at random
moments.  The computer frequently decides to restart itself at random
moments.  The bluetooth connection goes on and off; the wireless
connection goes on and off.

Is this just stuff that people live with?  It confuses me.  I have the
latest operating system.  Anything else I can do to make this device
more usable?  I'm leaning toward replacing it with one of those Asus
things when the prices come down, cause the flakiness is annoying me.
Thanks for any tips.  -- Dave

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