[maemo-users] any hope for 770

From: Karl Bellve Karl.Bellve at umassmed.edu
Date: Thu Dec 20 15:40:39 EET 2007
David Fass wrote:
> Just wondering, is there any hope for stable applications on the 770,
> or has that boat sailed?  I use AbiWord, which crashes at random
> moments.  I use the default browser which also crashes at random
> moments.  The computer frequently decides to restart itself at random
> moments.  The bluetooth connection goes on and off; the wireless
> connection goes on and off.
> Is this just stuff that people live with?  
I use the latest hacker edition, which fixed some of the bugs in Opera 
but not all. The random crashes in Opera annoy me. The piss-poor media 
player doesn't play much of anything, unlike mplayer. These are some of 
the reasons why I won't be replacing my Nokia 770 with anything else 
from Nokia.  I want a device that isn't dependent upon a vendor for its 
main software. This is why I like the ASUS eee. It runs standard 
applications like Firefox and Thunderbird. With my experience with Opera 
on the Nokia, I doubt I will use any device that has Opera as its main 
browser. The people behind Opera should be embarrassed.

Why can't I just get Opera updated, or the email client? Why does the 
whole device need to be flashed? This is why I won't buy Nokia again.
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