[maemo-users] Battery Life N800 + OS2008

From: Piotr Zagorowski piotr.zagorowski at gmail.com
Date: Fri Dec 21 18:56:24 EET 2007

I know battery life topic was brought to this forum, but now I'd like to ask
about new OS2008 and battery life. I have noticed significant decrease since
I moved to OS2k8. I didn't ask before as I was waiting for official release.
Now I can confirm this is issue (in my case). Running on OS2007 I could use
my nokia for about 5 days. Now it last for about 1 day and I have to
I know CPU works faster and this means more power as well as there are more
improvements etc etc.  Is this only one explanation? I usually try to close
all applications I don't need when not using my tablet.
Does anyone experience the same problem? Maybe this is coincidence and my
battery/charger is broken? However it charges and  everything looks fine.



P.S. I really appreciate new OS. Most applications I use is already ported.
Everything is much faster and apart from my battery life concerns it looks
fantastic. Very well-done Nokia!
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