[maemo-users] Bora -> Chinook apps

From: Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Date: Sat Dec 22 07:28:02 EET 2007

On Sat, 22 Dec 2007 01:51:38 +0000, Paul Dundas <pdundas at btinternet.com>
> Eero Tamminen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> ext Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
>>> Once I made the decision to wait for the official release of OS2008, I
>>> didn't pay much attention to the discussions.  I do, however, remember
>>> seeing a short blurb about OS2007 applications not running on OS2008.
> ...
>>> Lastly, do I need to reinstall all my apps or will OS2008 install
>>> and leave them intact?
> 2007 upgrades wiped the lot, and you had to restore your user data
> from backup and reinstall the latest versions of your apps.
> I believe 2008 works the same way, though I have not tried it.
> I seem to remember that upgrading from Linux gives more control and
> allows, for instance, kernel upgrades without fragging user space.
> But don't ask me where I read that.
You could have read that anywhere, as it is truth :)

kernel upgrades require a reboot to be applied and are risky if the kernel
is (for example) built by an idiot user (such as myself) who misses a block
device driver required for boot or something... :P

There was an earlier comment about not allowing linking of something that I
did not at all understand.  I think it is ridiculous to have to flash a
device to upgrade the OS when it is fundamentally debian under the hood,
but I am also a stupid user and do not understand the subtlety of true
linux gurism.


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