[maemo-users] help!? my N810 seems dead(ish)

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sat Dec 22 19:53:30 EET 2007
Paul Dundas wrote:
> I had a similar problem - as you say, the wire is very fragile
> (I would say "not of satisfactory quality", which is the legal
> test to be able to get a refund in the UK - Not sure about Ireland
> - though I bought it through the Irish site since they didn't
> charge for postage :-)
> The local Nokia Service place couldn't help since it was not a
> phone on the list of models they service. They offered to post
> the whole thing away to Nokia for a while - even though we
> could both see the copper sticking through the cable.
> I declined.

I went to the local Nokia Service Centre in Cork. They'd never heard of 
an N800 (no surprises there, then), but they had a big box of loose 
chargers, among which were several the same as the one supplied with the 
N800. They sold me one for €29, which I thought was a bit shabby, seeing 
as they were obviously returns, and I rejected the first one because it 
didn't work. Unfortunately the second one, which appeared to work in the 
store, didn't work when I got home -- doubtless suffering from the same 
problem as my original. So I'll go back and wave the receipt at them and 
try to get a new one in a box rather than someone else's cast-off reject.

The car charger I bought at the same time was new-in-box and works 

> Returning stuff is more of a problem with mail-order goods.
> I "solved" the problem when I got a Nokia E50 (with a decently
> robust wire coming out of the charger). It now charges both my
> devices.

My daughter's phone charger (smaller, with the wire coming out at the 
corner (!) works perfectly in the N800 but charges more slowly. It's 
actually plugged in right now so I won't disturb it by looking for its 
part number.


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