[maemo-users] File and Folder Encryption

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Mon Dec 24 17:11:49 EET 2007
> I would really like to be able to encrypt sensitive files on my N800 running
> OS2008.
> I looked at Maemo Kcrypt in the Maemo Garage, but it demands some libe which
> my N800 claims are not available (even tho I do have the repositories
> installed which should have everything in them necessary)
> The packages which are missing are:
> hildon-fm1
> hildon-libs0
> libdbus-1-2

    These packages are for OS2007 (bora) and don't exist in
    OS2008. It's not clear what you mean that you have the
    repositories necessary. Does that mean you added the bora
    repositories? It requires a bit more than just adding the old
    repositories as there are some dependencies to take care of. See
    this script:

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