[maemo-users] Maemo-mapper unwantedly kills gpsd

From: Jesper Cheetah mail at jespercheetah.dk
Date: Wed Dec 26 02:00:00 EET 2007
Background: My goal is to have gpsd running constantly, connecting to a 
bluetooth GPS whenever a client connects. This should allow me to have 
both kismet, maemo-mapper and a few scripts I'll write myself all share 
the GPS and play along nicely.

I've already installed bluez-utils, configured rfcomm.conf, written init 
scripts for rfcomm (bluez-utils itself did not seem to bind) and gpsd.

However, maemo-mapper seems to not play well with others. The latest 
version on OS2008 will kill gpsd when I close it down, which brutally 
breaks my plans.. This didn't happen in OS2007 with an older maemo-mapper.

Any way to avoid this?

I attempted running gpsd as gpsd-foo instead, to try and evade this 
killing, but no luck. Maemo-mapper still manages to find and kill the 

Jesper Cheetah <mail+maemo at jespercheetah.dk>

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