[maemo-users] Maemo-mapper unwantedly kills gpsd

From: Jukka Rissanen jukka.rissanen at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 26 02:43:32 EET 2007
On Dec 26, 2007 2:00 AM, Jesper Cheetah <mail at jespercheetah.dk> wrote:
> However, maemo-mapper seems to not play well with others. The latest
> version on OS2008 will kill gpsd when I close it down, which brutally
> breaks my plans.. This didn't happen in OS2007 with an older maemo-mapper.

Actually it is the GPS API that kills gpsd and it works as planned.
When the last gps user dies the gpsd is also killed because there are
then no processes that needs GPS data. The older maemo-mapper version
didn't use GPS API so gpsd was left running.

> Any way to avoid this?

Sure, leave at least one process running that needs GPS data. This can
be either maemo-mapper in your case or a more simple program so that
it would not eat too much resources, like gps-saver
(http://gps-saver.garage.maemo.org/). You could for example run
"gps_saver -n -N > /dev/null" which would keep gpsd running.


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