[maemo-users] OS2008 Damn ugly!!!

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Dec 27 17:49:12 EET 2007

ext James Knott wrote:
> Eero Tamminen wrote:
>> ext James Knott wrote:
>>> It's not the different home screen. It the horrible choice of colors
>>> etc. Have you tried the all black hand writing input? Do you think that
>>> looks nice?
>> At least with the default theme, the input method (both kbd and hwr)
>> are about white with some light gray shading???
>> (The texts of course are black, but so they were in the earlier releases)
> Of the 4 built in themes, only the default (Echo) does not have that
> black hand writing input. However, Echo is also overall one of the least
> attractive themes.

IMHO all IT OS 2008 themes look better than any of the 2007 ones
(which I found a bit garish), but all that's a matter of taste.

You can change the theme colors from:

Search for "BackgrdColor" and "HWR".  You might need to call
hildon-theme-recache-all after the change and change to that theme
(again) I think.

Make a backup of your device settings and the files you're going
to modify before this in case something funny happens and you need
to reflash (I don't see what could go wrong, but one never knows,
this is not my area and I've never tried it myself).

> I was able to find the text colour in terminal, after
> posting the above. The OS2007 desktop, while not the greatest, was at
> least acceptable. Why couldn't they have made it an option? Also, the
> new icons take up more of the very valuable display space. Was it really
> necessary to make them bigger?

The menu items for Task Navigator are bigger so that they are thumbable.
Icons for them were just scaled accordingly.  Sizes for other icons are
AFAIK not changed.

> I find I also have to do more scrolling
> to find items in the menu. As I'm left handed, that adds to the
> irritation, as I have to place my hand over the screen to hit the scroll
> buttons. It would be nice if the scroll bar could be moved to the left
> side. On the other hand, the hand writing recognition seems better.

	- Eero

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