[maemo-users] OS2008 Damn ugly!!!

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Thu Dec 27 18:26:39 EET 2007
Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com wrote:
> >still not very attractive. For example, I like to use the hand writing
> >input, but the panel is a big mass of black that not only looks bad, but
> As Eero pointed out, maybe your theme is not what it is for all the
> others, maybe
> you have something misconfigured. Please try clean image without
> restoring a broken backup.

I noticed the horrible colours before I did any restore.  It was the
first thing I noticed, after the flash install.
> >is harder to see the details of it. In the terminal program, I used to
> >have green text on black, but while I can set the background to black, I
> >don't see any way to change the text colour. It's always black. It would
> >be nice, if the old styles was available.
> So you want something that is retro rather than being easy for eyes, like
> green on black -monitors in the 1970s?

Actually, for text terminals, the easiest on the eyes is amber on black,
with green 2nd.
> > BTW, I don't need icons etc., that look like they belong on a
> child's toy.
> Hmm. Do you have something against child's toys?

No, I don't and I thing the One Laptop Per Child computer, which looks
like something from Fisher-Price, is a great idea for it's target
group.  On the other hand, the N800 is more likely to be used by adults,
often in a business situation, where toys are not appropriate.
> And are you saying that you would like to have
> an user interface where everything would be presented as a tiny text
> rather than as a visual
> icon which gives a visual cue about what it is all about?
No, that's not what I said.  The "desktop" on the N800 is small.  Large
icons use space that might be put to better use.
> So are you wishing for a command line interface here instead of a
> graphical user interface?
> Sounds like you would be. Wishing a hacker-text interface from a
> commercial product
> intended for ordinary people that just want to have a mobile internet
> experience,
> is something I wouldn't be spending my spare time for, even most open
> source community people wouldn't probably like
> such interface on a device of this form factor unless you are into
> retro-GSM-telephones from the early 1990s. Today it
> wouldn't fly (IMHO). However, if you want to try, by no means your
> hands are tied, in the free software World you can start
> scratchbox now and do your own ultimate user interface e.g. with
> ncurses if you like and even replace hildon-desktop with
> it in your own device if you so prefer (it is quite easy task to do
> even) and if you are totally lucky you might even
> find some other users for your text-mode interface and it would be
> no-icons-guaranteed.

I regularly use both text and graphical interfaces on my computer,
depending on what's more convenient.  Now what would have been a major
improvement, would be to allow the scroll bar to be moved to the left
side.  Many users, such as myself are left handed.  This means that when
we use the scroll bar, we have to place our left hand in front of the
display, which makes it difficult to see how far we're scrolling.  A
scroll bar that could be moved to the left side would fix that problem. 
With the new menu, I have to scroll more than with OS2007.  Ignoring
appearance issues, this one thing makes OS2008 more awkward to use, at
least for left handed users.

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