[maemo-users] OS2008 Damn ugly!!!

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Thu Dec 27 19:18:30 EET 2007
> So you want something that is retro rather than being easy for eyes, like
> green on black -monitors in the 1970s?

Console is the easiest way to make a task quickly and
without noise.

> Hmm. Do you have something against child's toys? 

Almost all users on this list are not children. Personaly,
I changed all possible colors on my nokia phone to have
something more "no eye candy" to me.

> And are you saying that you would like to have
> an user interface where everything would be presented as a tiny text rather than as a visual
> icon which gives a visual cue about what it is all about? 

For the first time. After that you already know.

> So are you wishing for a command line interface here instead of a graphical user interface?
> Sounds like you would be. Wishing a hacker-text interface from a commercial product
> intended for ordinary people that just want to have a mobile internet experience, 
> is something I wouldn't be spending my spare time for, even most open source community people wouldn't probably like

This letter was not intended to me, but I saw no reason not to have
command line on it. Why not?

> find some other users for your text-mode interface and it would be no-icons-guaranteed. 

Poster just said he disliked colors and all that design.
This is device for children/people/others and we all do
understand that. My usage of 770 is not what nokia had in
mind at first. Should I worry. Not a sec. I use command line
and will further, whatever nokia thinks about.


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