[maemo-users] App Mgr and Python runtime broken on OS2007?

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Fri Dec 28 02:15:06 EET 2007
I wanted to check out the iTablet interface (from 
http://downloads.maemo.org/OS2007/desktop-environment) which requires 
Python, so I ran the Application Manager to find it.

a) I let App Mgr try to update the application list but it complained
    that it was unable to do so, and gave me my last refreshed list of

Does anyone know why it can't update its list?

b) In that list, python2.5-runtime-0.4-13 is listed, but if I try to
    install it, it says Unable to install, Installation file corrupted.

Does anyone know an alternative source that works?


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