[maemo-users] OS2008 Damn ugly!!!

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Fri Dec 28 02:26:30 EET 2007
Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com wrote:
>>> Hmm. Do you have something against child's toys?
>> No, I don't and I thing the One Laptop Per Child computer, which
>> looks like something from Fisher-Price, is a great idea for it's
>> target group. On the other hand, the N800 is more likely to be used
>> by adults, often in a business situation, where toys are not
>> appropriate.
> I am not so sure about the business situation, because to my
> understanding, Internet tablets are supposed to be fun and for fun.

I think this is a fundamental misunderstanding. *Part* of what they are
about is fun. But they do have a valid application in business: I use
mine for this purpose and I find it fun to do so. But it isn't a toy.

> And in here, we have many people who like toys (the difference of
> children and adults is only in the price tag of the toys) :)... In
> fact, only you define what is appropriate really in what situation. I
> would not like to imagine what kind of business situation calls for 
> not having icons and brilliant colors on desktop of an internet
> tablet.

It depends on who is looking at it. You may not wish your client to
think that you are a geek who likes toys, for example.

>> With the new menu, I have to scroll more than with OS2007. Ignoring
>> appearance issues, this one thing makes OS2008 more awkward to
>> use, at least for left handed users.
> The new menu is intended for thumb use. It is not supposed to be used
> with stylus, we have made several improvements to improve thumb use,

I haven't looked at an 810 yet but I hope it is possible to use it with
a stylus also, using smaller icons.

> I personally love all kind of cool looking things and I enjoy using
> the OS2008 a lot more than previous versions which looked a lot more
> boring.

Personally I prefer devices to function correctly 100% of the time.
Afterwards (and *only then*) should a designer be allowed to make it
look pretty.


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