[maemo-users] OS2008 Damn ugly!!!

From: inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Date: Fri Dec 28 02:52:39 EET 2007
On Dec 27, 2007 6:33 PM, Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:
> Alfredo J. Fabretti wrote:
> > Please, what is the basis of the complain? Saying that something is
> > "ugly" is subjective and doesn't help to make things better. A link to
> > a screenshot of what you think is ugly is a good start to explain
> > yourself.
> It doesn't matter if it's subjective. It was a visceral complaint, and
> (as I understand it) based on the shock of finding an interface which
> was *too* different from the previous one -- an error often made by
> Marketing people who have insufficient understanding of user interface
> design.

While subjective observations can be fine I hope you also take note
that while others were surprised by what they saw out of the box they
seem to either like it immediately or grow fairly quickly to like it
with some use. I'm not hearing very many in this thread who agree with
the OP's characterization of the new desktop look.

> I agree the original post should have been less inflammatory, but I
> think it was very valuable nevertheless. Particularly if it helps make
> the designers think harder next time.

I don't have any reason to think the designers didn't think hard about
what they were doing in this case. Or in the case of OS2007, or
OS2006, or ... I'm quite sure the designers did think hard about
changes they were making. I'm not so sure about how hard the OP
thought about it though. I, for one, hope UI designers will continue
to think and design interfaces to improve usability and to include new
elements that increase the pleasure some users get from using this


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