[maemo-users] Alpine 1.0 on n800/770/n810?

From: Denis DeLaRoca delaroca at mminternet.com
Date: Fri Dec 28 15:10:10 EET 2007
On 22/12/2007, A J Thew <aj.thew at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 22/12/2007, A J Thew <aj.thew at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 22/12/2007, Paul Dundas <pdundas at btinternet.com> wrote:
>>> A J Thew wrote:
>>>> Hi alpine is the new pine and offers a powerful
>>>> text based mail client that works well on the tablet, better than the
>>>> default GUI client IMHO.
>>>> Will the1.0 version be made available?
>>> I can see how text clients (mutt even) would work quite well
>>> on an N810 with its actual keyboard.
>>> Any comments on how annoying or otherwise they are to use
>>> with a pop up and down virtual keyboard, and the resulting
>>> constantly changing visible screen area?
>> It's not perfect but it works... I would not want to read huge amounts of mail
>> that way.
> Just to follow myself up, the UW supplied n800/n81 binaries
> (see http://www.washington.edu/alpine and drill down)
> work fine on a 770 running OS 2006

I keep a binary of it, as well as assorted notes to make Alpine run well 
on the Nokia Internet Tablets, at


both my binary, as well as those from UW have been compiled with the Bora
SDK... but appear to work fine on both Gregale and Chinook.

With mouse support enabled, Alpine can be driven very nicely by "point and 
tap"... but as has been pointed out, the pop-up keyboard gets in the way. 
It would be nice if we had an xterm option to only invoke the vkb when 
needed. Still, Alpine 1.0 is eminently useable, configurable... and fast!

The OS 2008 xterm seems to have been designed specifically for the N810 
and its hardware keyboard... on the N800, the situation is agravated by 
the placement of the keyboard-shortcuts menu-bar at the bottom of the 
window -- further taking away screen space away from Alpine.

It is obvious that for Alpine, as well as other full-screen text-based 
apps such as Emacs, etc., we do need a better designed xterm... on the 
N810 with its hardware keyboard full-screen apps can be run nicely, 
much less so on the N800 / 770 ITs.

On another topic, does anyone know the Dbus invocation, if any, necessary 
to invoke the image-viewer to display an image file?

-- Denis

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