[maemo-users] OS2008 Damn Cool!

From: Jon Dodson jbdodson at gmail.com
Date: Fri Dec 28 19:51:52 EET 2007
Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the OS2008 upgrade.   Ive heard
it said on the listserv and it seems to be true in my case, it really is
like a new device.   Things I appreciate:

* Default Media Player plays mp4 now.
* New theme is super-slick
* Seems the new browser is Mozilla and the rendering is better.  Improved
YouTube & flash video, which is very nice.
* New Menu structure is much easier on my fingers
* Minimizing mplayer doesnt make everything double large and impossible to
change the screen bright or system volume.
* Internet Radio included is super cool

With that I had a few questions.

* Currently there are a few bars for selecting screen bright and in OS2007
there were many more.   Didn't find a place to bring it back.  I can handle
this change, I just don't see the benefit.
* When I use the browser, in general, and this is just a perception that may
or may not be accurate, it just seems slower.
* When I type a URL in the the browser, occasionally it doesnt register and
it just reloads the page I am on.
* When I install fceu I get a dbus dependency error and I can't install it.
Same with OS2007, if I can't play NES roms ill sepku.  Ok, maybe not, but it
would be nice.
* Why can't the default media player play DiVX?  It advertises it can, but
doesn't seem to be able to.
* Why can't mplayer play mp4?
* Why can't it charge via USB?

And this is an unrelated soapbox moment, please disregard if it gets in the
way of the previous questions:

Openess free of patents is an amazing thing.  It makes it possible to
implement web functionality in your device with a much lower cost.  Paying a
patent for a video tag seems as silly to me as a patent for a checkbox.  OGG
might suck compared to mp4(debatable on how teh) but it is patent free and
easy enough to support in unixland.  I imagine you switched to minimo to cut
costs for licensing Opera(and other reasons), OGG would provide the same
benefit.  Then again you may have already blanket licensed the mp4 patent so
it doesn't apply to you anymore because the initial investment has already
been made.  Regardless, its not just about Nokias interest, there is a world
of innovation to continue well beyond the walls of Nokia.

Im not trying to create a flamewar, I just wanted to toss in a few cents.

PS Ill keep buying the NXXX because it is an amazing device.  Thank you for
making it.

PPS sorry for my harsh title, sometimes you just need to say it.  The device
is damn cool and looks great too!


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