[maemo-users] PhoneLink or CellPhoneTool or gnokii on OS2008

From: Adam Nelson anelson at nullpointer.net
Date: Sat Dec 29 00:40:14 EET 2007
I just got a N810 for Christmas and am trying to send and receive SMS
messages using my Bluetooth-enabled phone from the N810 using
PhoneLink or CellPhoneTool.  Both of these apps use gnokii for the
communication with the phone.

I've peered the N810 with my phone successfully, and can browse the
stuff on my phone over Bluetooth using the File Manager.  However,
whenever I try to launch CellPhoneTool (though I've had the same
problem with PhoneLink), I get an error message saying:

Phone connection error.  Resource temporarily unavailable.

My ~/.gnokiirc follows:

port = (My phone's MAC address)
model = AT
rfcomm_channel = 2
initlength = default
connection = bluetooth
use_locking = yes
serial_baudrate = 19200
smsc_timeout = 10

bindir = /usr/sbin/

TELEPHONE = 12345678


debug = on
rlpdebug = on
xdebug = on

That file is as it was initialized by the PhoneTool installer, with
the exception of the debug settings, which I changed to 'on' from
'off' in the hopes of getting some more meaningful debug output.

After reading gnokii.org, I thought it would help if I could run the
actual 'gnokii' app from xterm to see what sort of diagnostic output I
can get, but there's no installable gnokii package for OS2008; the
only one I could find is dependent on 'adduser', which I read
somewhere was deprecated for OS2008.

Has anyone been able to get anything gnokii-related working on OS2008
version 50-2 with a Bluetooth phone in general, or a Motorola MOTOKRZR
in particular?  Any hints on what I might be doing wrong or other
places I might look?

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