[maemo-users] Installing OS2008 on N800

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Sat Dec 29 23:37:41 EET 2007
James Knott wrote:
> Piotr Zagorowski wrote:
>> what's the harm of using web search?
>> simple query leads you to nokia website, nokia website leads you to
>> os2008 website and on os2008 website there is maemo logo which leads
>> you to meamo website and there we are. it takes about 7 min..
> And what's the harm of putting a link on the page where the image is
> located?  Or on the Nokia page that points to it?  If a user goes to the
> Nokia or maemo page, why should it be necessary to search for anything? 
> Put the link where someone will find it.  Don't expect someone to search
> when the instructions should be where the update is.
> What is so hard to understand about that?????
Sorry, sent to wrong list.

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