[maemo-users] Bluetooth keyboard weirdness?

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Sun Dec 30 01:16:56 EET 2007
I used an Apple Wireless keyboard with the N800 with OS2007.  After a
certain period of inactivity the keyboard would go to sleep and the N800
would notice it and let me use the on-screen virtual keyboard.  When I
started typing on the Apple Wireless keyboard again, it would wake up,
reconnect and send all the keystrokes to the N800 without losing any

Today I've flashed OS2008 and re-paired the keyboard (somewhat
painfully).  When the BT keyboard goes to sleep, I can again use the
on-screen vkb, but the statusbar bluetooth icon still thinks it's still
connected.  When I start typing on the BT keyboard, nothing happens.
I have to use Bluetooth statusbad icon to disconnect the BT keyboard
manually, and then when I type it reconnects, losing the first few
characters I typed.

Has anyone else noticed a regression like this?  I did a quick bugzilla
seach, but other than a seemingly unrelated crash bug (2616) didn't find
anything.  Bug 2640 is what I experienced when I tried to pair, but I
somehow managed to get it done in the end.

Marius Gedminas
Never trust a smiling Gates.
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