[maemo-users] Playing MPEG-2 or .tivo files on N800 OS2008

From: William Gordon Rutherdale will.rutherdale at utoronto.ca
Date: Sun Dec 30 03:40:51 EET 2007

I'm new to the N800 and did an upgrade to the latest OS2008.

I have discovered that OS2008 is not backwards compatible with OS2007 in 
terms of packages you can install.

In particular there is a Media Player package ready to install on the 
OS2007 page but not on the OS2008 page.  If I try installing it anyway I 
get an error message.

Can anyone tell me what is involved in creating a version of the 
.install file that works for OS2008.  Or if someone is planning to put 
one up in the near future, please let us know.

I am interested in at least one other package too:  Free42.  This is the 
emulation of the HP42 calculator.  I am able to install it easily to an 
ordinary Linux desktop.  I have confirmed that the version on the OS2007 
download page works when I have OS2007 installed but not when I have 
OS2008 installed.

There is also another application I like to run on a Linux desktop that 
I haven't seen at all on the download pages.  Presumably other people 
aren't interested.  If I want to get it working, it sounds like I have 
to learn how to use Scratchbox and try to create the .install file 
myself.  Is that the correct direction?

Should I be directing these questions to the developers list?


Russ Wenner wrote:
> Thank you.  I did not realize MPlayer was different than the built-in
> Media Player.  It does play MPEG2 files.  It is not playing the .tivo
> files, while playing from my internal SD card has little digital
> squares jumping around and the audio is squeally.  I'm thinking that I
> may try toning-down the recording quality on the Tivo which may make
> the frame rate more manageable.  Thank you in advance for all help!
> Below I am pasting text from the MPlayer report:
> MPlayer 1.0rc1-maemo.23.n8x0 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team

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