[maemo-users] Playing MPEG-2 or .tivo files on N800 OS2008

From: William Gordon Rutherdale will.rutherdale at utoronto.ca
Date: Sun Dec 30 04:28:18 EET 2007
Thanks for the info, Ryan.

I may be interested in trying to compile things myself.  The key though 
is that someone has already compiled both Free42 and MPlayer for OS2007, 
and (as you already indicated) I don't want to duplicate effort without 
finding out what their plans are.

How would I go about learning who the maintainers are?


Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> The install file is not the operative issue here - it is the fact that
> applications must be recompiled to run on OS 2008 (Chinook) and many
> require modifications before they do so.  The compiling and packaging
> produces a .deb - the .install is just a text file indicating where the
> .deb is (simplifying this a bit, but you get the point.)
> It might be best to contact the maintainers of the ports of those
> programs and see if they plan on offering a 2008/Chinook build soon
> before striking out on ones' own to port them again.
> Ryan
> William Gordon Rutherdale wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm new to the N800 and did an upgrade to the latest OS2008.
>> I have discovered that OS2008 is not backwards compatible with OS2007 in 
>> terms of packages you can install.
>> In particular there is a Media Player package ready to install on the 
>> OS2007 page but not on the OS2008 page.  If I try installing it anyway I 
>> get an error message.
>> Can anyone tell me what is involved in creating a version of the 
>> .install file that works for OS2008.  Or if someone is planning to put 
>> one up in the near future, please let us know.
>> I am interested in at least one other package too:  Free42.  This is the 
>> emulation of the HP42 calculator.  I am able to install it easily to an 
>> ordinary Linux desktop.  I have confirmed that the version on the OS2007 
>> download page works when I have OS2007 installed but not when I have 
>> OS2008 installed.
>> There is also another application I like to run on a Linux desktop that 
>> I haven't seen at all on the download pages.  Presumably other people 
>> aren't interested.  If I want to get it working, it sounds like I have 
>> to learn how to use Scratchbox and try to create the .install file 
>> myself.  Is that the correct direction?
>> Should I be directing these questions to the developers list?
>> -Will

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