[maemo-users] How to run a Nokia 770 as a HMI

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Sun Dec 30 17:52:19 EET 2007
> I am trying to find out how I could use the Nokia 770 as a human machine 
> interface. After starting the device only a webbrowser should appear in 
> fullscreen mode. The user should not be permitted to change anything. Has 
> anybody an idea?  

There is no out of the box functionality that will do this for you. 
You'll have to start by hacking the init files to start the tablet in 
the state you wish to have it in, and then start hacking on the security 
features you want in order to prevent the user from making undesirable 
state changes.

Search the archives for "kiosk" and you'll find the existing discussions 
about this topic.  Others have expressed interest, but no one has 
followed through to my knowledge.


Mike Lococo

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