[maemo-users] Missing OS2008 cmdline apps (was Re: how to install OS2007?)

From: Tuukka Tolvanen tuukka.tolvanen at gmail.com
Date: Sun Dec 30 18:49:07 EET 2007
Peter Flynn wrote:
> Tuomas Kulve wrote:
>> hendrik at topoi.pooq.com wrote:
>>> That's bizarre.  What security implications are there in ping that would
>>> mean it has to be run only by root?  Forcing people to use root when not
>>> necessary is itself a security problem.
>> Ping seems to be setuid root on my debian. So it's run as root here too.
> That's because 'debianite' is an anagram of 'anal-retentive'
> (well, it's not, but it ought to be :-)

Here's some hints for why that might not be the reason for a debian 
ping's setuidness, plus why changing the itos in this regard could 
require jumping through some extra hoops:

a-random-debian-machine$ cp /bin/ping not-setuid-ping
a-random-debian-machine$ ./not-setuid-ping -c 1 maemo.org
ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted

Nokia-N800-50-2:~# ls -l /bin/ping
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Dec 11 17:41 /bin/ping -> busybox


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