[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: ssh install failure

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Tue Jan 2 16:22:11 EET 2007
Sorry to reply so lately. I had hard
time to send mail to the maemo ser-
ver, whatever the reason is.

> (Why wrap the text so narrowly?)

The eyes go downward, not left-right.

> then it would seem that you have
> successfully installed openssh.

Hm, no. As first, I added space after
"enabled" in gainroot file (thanks
Frantisek). So, it works as for every
770 user on earth. Then I used "red
pill" to see all packages (tanks Inigo).
This method allowed me to install perl
modules by the click (kh-kh). No "Net"
directory in modules, by my surprize.
After that, I changed my mind and let
the time go on. Dropbear is ssh2 and
has issue with openvms, plan9 and so
on machines from the void. If I con-
nect to trusted ssh2 box, I could jump
further just on dropbear.

> What exactly is the problem?

Lack of knowledge, as always. Next week
or so I would try to desinstall drop-
bear, remove all files from init.d
and rcX and install clean openssh. If
not via apt-get, then by graphical ma-
nager. (Cannot believe I said this.)
If any problem, I will feel free to ask
for advice.

> if you do not describe the symptoms

I know. When it clears to me, I see where
to go. I post prematurely; the next ob-
sesion is iptables. Noone posted something
on this topic, even the app is already
on 770. Answers on command. There is no
/etc/sysconfig directory on the gadget,
where file should be placed. Little script
could be put into init.d with shell and
rules. The person, who added it to the sys-
tem, might know how to configure it on

Happy New year to all.


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