[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Charger Blues

From: René Seindal rene at seindal.dk
Date: Wed Jan 3 11:07:30 EET 2007
Amichai Rotman wrote (03-01-2007 08:14):
> Hi All,
> I bought my N770 while visiting the UK a few months back.
> The charger (AC4-X) cable snappt at the root of the end that goes to the 
> wall. Now I cannot charge my device :-(
> I am now back home and this particular charger model isn't available. 
> Furthermore, the local Nokia rep doesn't support the N770 because it 
> isn't a cell phone....
> I know all new models come with a similar charger (with the mini plug) 
> and so I found a charger with similar tech specs (input and output), by 
> similar I mean the output mA is 860 instead of 890...
> I charged it once with a friend's charger and it worked fine - except 2 
> things:
> I charged it while the device was off. The battery icon showed up and 
> after a few second begun to animate the charge. A while later I noticed 
> the screen was off completely - no indication for the charging process. 
> I turned the device on and it booted faster than usual and the battery 
> animation was still showing....
> The other thing I noticed was: the charge didn't last like it used to. I 
> might be wrong, because I left FBReader open and the Online Mode on (I 
> usually don't have network access at work, so I leave it Offline).
> Is it OK to use a different charger with the same specs? Am I doing 
> something that will cause damage to the device? the battery?

You can use any Nokia charger with a 2mm connector - I often use the one 
I got with my Nokia 6131 phone.  It is the same charger used by the 
N-series of Nokia phones.

You can also buy a small adapter cable from the Nokia 3.5mm connector to 
the new 2mm connector, in case you have old Nokia adapters lying around 
like I have.

René Seindal (rene at seindal.dk)

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