[maemo-users] [maemo-users] using ssh/dropbear?

From: Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com
Date: Wed Jan 3 11:50:49 EET 2007

1. To start and stop the dropbear ssh server, you will need to be root.
Execute '/etc/init.d/dropbear start' or '/etc/init.d/dropbear stop'.
(Unfortunately, there seems to be no '/etc/init.d/dropbear status'.)
1a. When I installed dropbear, about two weeks ago, it was "automagically"
setup to start at boot. Which it does.
2. 'ssh someuser at somehost' should do it. Try 'ssh root at' as a
starter. You do realize that ssh is CLI software, right?

Gustav Schaffter

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a. I am running the very latest firmware, installed a couple of days ago.
b. I have downloaded the dropbear ssh client/server package. There were no
errors during installation.

So now I have two very simple (and obvious) questions:

1. How do I start the ssh server?
2. How do I start the client?

And there's also question 1a: how do I tell the N770 to start the server
each time when it reboots?

  Doc Evans

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