[maemo-users] Wrapping text on mobile devices (Was: Re: [maemo-users] Re: ssh install failure)

From: Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Date: Thu Jan 4 11:29:01 EET 2007
On Thu Jan  4 01:08:41 2007, Neil MacLeod wrote:
> My advice to you would be to stop inserting carriage returns every 
> 6 or 7 words and instead allow the text to wrap normally so that 
> the viewer can read your messages with text formatted as narrow or 
> as wide as they feel comfortable.

I can - astonishingly - steer this discussion slightly closer to the 
topic of the list. :-)

There's a specification for email body text generally known as 
"format=flowed" [1], which provides a soft-wrapped variant on plain 
text that to the naked eye (at least for most character glyph based 
scripts) appears to be "traditional" plain text wrapped at around 78 

Neil's message (and this one) uses it, and it's this that allows the 
viewer to automatically re-wrap the text at any particular size, or 
use (as my client does) a proportional font for display. You might 
also spot that the quoted passage above might also be re-wrapped, 
since format=flowed also marks up quoted passages accurately.

I thoroughly recommend finding a client which supports format=flowed 
properly, as not only does it mean that wrapping decisions become 
attuned to the reader's taste rather than the sender's, but it's also 
slated for inclusion in the next mobile email standard revision, so 
you may as well get ahead of the curve.

(For mobile email standard revision, read "The Lemonade Profile", a 
set of specifications designed for mobile phones, smallish devices 
like the 770, and weird links like GPRS and satellite, the current 
version being RFC4550).

My apologies for inadvertantly coming around to a point.

[1] - Some folk call it "f=f", which is confusing, because 
traditional plain text is actually now "format=fixed", which is also 
f=f. It's all in RFC3676.

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