[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Getting useful WLAN debugging info for failing EAP-TLS connection

From: Kalle Valo Kalle.Valo at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 8 09:52:48 EET 2007
"Rhys Ulerich" <rhys.ulerich at gmail.com> writes:

>> Can you provide more details, please? For example, what Radius server
>> and AP are you using?
> The date on the 770 is correct. Sadly, I've got zero information on
> the AP and Radius server as it it a work-managed black box.

Unfortunately I don't know what's wrong. We have tested EAP-TLS with
various RADIUS servers, but I guess you are seeing somekind of IOP

I'll ask around here in Nokia if someone might give any hints. But
with the amount information provided, I don't have my hopes up.
EAP-TLS is a complicated system, full Radius server logs and airlogs
would help a lot.

(Sorry for the late answer, I had a bit longer vacation during

Kalle Valo

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