[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Tool to get the Storage IDs of Certificates

From: Oliver Pahl oliver_pahl at web.de
Date: Wed Jan 10 12:05:00 EET 2007
Hi, i am new to the List.

My Name is Oliver and i am the proud owner of a N770 since last week.
Now I have a question :) or more asking for a favor. In my school we
connect to our network through a certificate. The Problem is, it is no
user certificate and so i cant access it with the network manager GUI.
The idea was to find out the storage id of the right cert and use it to
substitute with the sid of the user cert in the gconf file. Do you think
it would be possible? And if so, could someone write a tool to find out
the storage ids? I already filed it as a bug, but there was no activitie
on that bug till midst of December, so you are my last hope :)

Thanks a lot and greetz


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