[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Battery Benchmarking?

From: Simon Budig simon at budig.de
Date: Wed Jan 10 13:15:56 EET 2007
Igor Stoppa (igor.stoppa at nokia.com) wrote:
[snipped helpful description of power saving]
> Also because N800 doesn't have a cover, but certainly that doesn't
> prevent us to do the very same power saving that was already available
> on 770. :-D
> The cover would just be the cause for an _immediate_ rather than timed
> screen blanking.

I believe Nokia is missing a psychological factor here. Putting the
cover on the 770 allows the user to forget about it. He finished using
it and it is kind of stored away safely, it won't distract him.

The N800 has no equivalent. When you stop using it, its screen stays
lighted for a while - "wasn't there something else you wanted to use me
for?", it still demands a certain amount of attention. Then it switches
the light off at some point - if it is lying around in your vincinity
this is another visible intrusion that you'll notice even from the
corner of your eyes. Plus it - at least the prototype I've seen - keeps
blinking the blue LED in the cursor pad. Not sure what this is supposed
to indicate. Active Network connection? "not really switched off"?

I am aware that Bluetooth&Wlan power management is very good and that
it probably is not that relevant for power management to explicitely
kill all connections when putting the cover on the device.

However it sometimes is convenient to have the Wlan and Bluetooth
connections cut off when you explicitely put the cover on the 770.
Putting the cover on the 770 then gives the reassuring feeling of
"nobody can mess with it remotely, there certainly is no pending stuff
running there". I guess the only option to do this on the N800 is the
flight mode, which of course requires actively reenabling this stuff
when you want to use it again. Certainly not as smoothely integrated
with the workflow as with the 770.

At least these are my thoughts regarding the cover issue - it is a
psychological thing and I am a bit sad that Nokia apparently abandoned
this concept.


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