[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: Battery Benchmarking?

From: Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Date: Wed Jan 10 14:35:37 EET 2007
Igor Stoppa wrote:
> No, the LED is off by default and the power-savvy user will wisely keep
> it off and even switch it off if it gets accidentally enabled.
> If you are more interested into running your device for longer time than
> having that disco effect, keep it off.

Full agreement on that.

> The LED is meant to tell you, at basic level, "I'm alive even if the
> screen is blank". Plus some other things like "You have email/You have
> missed calls".

The first one is bad, the second may be good (if desired).

>> I am aware that Bluetooth&Wlan power management is very good and that
>> it probably is not that relevant for power management to explicitely
>> kill all connections when putting the cover on the device.

> yes, arguable choice, but it can be disabled.

Not on my 770, for sure...

> 770 wasn't explicitly sold as always-on and therefore connectivity got
> killed by default. UI and marketing choices ....

"arguable"? Good choice, I think he was somehow implying.

> Sorry if we have undermined your mental landmarks, but you just have to
> adjust to the always-on concept. That's the fashion of the day.

I see you're looking for flames: great, bring 'em on! ;-)

I do appreciate your post about kernel timers, polling, and app developer
responsibilities, and heartily hope you're being sarcastic here. Put
another way, who gives a [____] about the fashion of the day?

> Yes, we gave up the shrink division and hired more developers :-D
> No, unfortunately that's only my wild dream.

Good thing the programmers are *not* running the asylum. ;-P

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