[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: Battery Benchmarking?

From: rael at edge.ping.de rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Wed Jan 10 14:47:08 EET 2007

>> What does that exactly mean (especially for non GTK-based applications
>> like mine that cannot expect some GTK magic)?

>> How can I work around this?

> Yes, screen blanked should be enough.

Thank you for you in deep description! Things are much clearer now and 
besides DBus-handling I do not see big problems for my applications (it is 
just some work to do and not enough time ;-)). 

OK. So I have to look again at my own DBus-Event Loop implementation <sick>. 
No problem ;-) 

I assume that everything works similar using the development system while 
sending DBus events from console? 

Btw., what about adding one or more simple scripts to the development system 
that excatly trigger this events for easier testing? 


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