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From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 20:30:57 EET 2007
According to the Nokia web site, you have 30 days to return the product if
it doesn't meet your needs.  

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> My 770 has 2 weeks and I'm going to have a device with no more support.
> very disappointed

Just another warning about these devices and the "warranty" service.

 I purchased a 770 in December 2005.  I was having issues with the
wireless dropping unless I keep a streaming audio source running,
discussed fully in the bugzilla entry
https://maemo.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=329.  After updating to the
latest firmware, I was still seeing the issue.  Per the comment from
Maemo QA (comment #61 in the bugzilla entry) I contacted Nokia and was
advised to return the device for service.  After one month, I contacted
the service group to find out where my device was.  I was called back by
the Executive Office (whatever that means) and they informed me that
unfortunately no repair parts or replacement devices were available (but
a quick check on Amazon shows that there are devices available;
evidently just not to Nokia). 

They would be "happy" to offer me a refund but one prorated to my
usage.  Now I'm not liking the sound of that but I dig up my paperwork
to find the date of purchase, purchase price, etc.  I contacted them
this morning with my information.  Now I bought the device in December
2005 and finally after waiting for the firmware upgrade that didn't fix
my issue, returned it in December 2006 (still under warranty even if
just barely).  They offered to give me a prorated refund based on 6
months usage rather than the 12 months I actually had the device (how
nice of them).  They were willing to refund 2/3 of my purchase price
based on 6 months of usage, indicating that Nokia assumes these devices
are worthless after 18 months.  Rather than getting stuck with no device
and only a partial refund I instructed them to send me the device back. 

Maybe I am being overly sensitive about this but to me a partial refund
is unacceptable.  If I accept that, then I have lost 100% usage of the
device and if I decide I want to buy another one then I am out an
additional $120 or so for the first device which was/is faulty.   The
workaround of leaving streaming audio running is ugly but at least I
have my device.

Just thought I would pass my experience on to others.

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