[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: Battery Benchmarking?

From: Scott G Kelly scott at hyperthought.com
Date: Sat Jan 13 19:29:12 EET 2007
Igor Stoppa wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 09:55 +0100, ext Zoran Kolic wrote:
>>> Otoh many people do keep their cell phone on and probably would like to
>>> do the same with n800 or 770. Same applies to the pc used to read
>>> emails.
>> OK, Igor. Fair enough. But, now I got you. 770 has no firewall. I'm not
>> paranoid, but it is must_have for long on the line.
>> 770 has stateless iptables. I use another unix branch for everyday surf,
>> mailing, doing whatever. Laptop and desktop have statefull firewall for
>> filtering. It is transparent, till I take a look into the logs. I know
>> that "if you don't have port open, noone can harm you". Wrong. You have
>> ports open. You surf, you mail. Anyone could be man in the middle and take
>> your shiny new gadget. WEP is easy to walk around, just see wifitap. I
>> have 770 for a month and tried to get respond on this subject. Implemented
>> iptables is not the one from netfilter manual. So:
>> - who could clear the topic for me?
>> - could end user get more kernel modules from nokia, not to go into
>> recompile and find correct versions of kernel and all environment?
>> I don't make an atack on your stance. I have mine and feel quite happy.
> I don't think I have enough knowledge on the subject to give a proper
> answer so i won't. Hopefully you'll get an answer from somebody from the
> Connectivity team.
> As a generic observation though, let me point out that your tipical
> accesspoint should already provide support, like firewalling.

I have worked for two of the leading wireless vendors, and I assure you: 
commercial access points typically provide no firewall functionality. I 
have many years of experience with implementing various forms of network 
security functionality, and while I have a demanding day job, this is a 
problem I'm very interested in. I'm going to start poking around with 
the 770 dev environment and see what I can do about this. If anyone else 
here is working on firewall-related stuff for the 770 (or n800) let me 
know so we can coordinate our efforts.


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