[maemo-users] [maemo-users] N800 Refuses to Boot

From: Craig Milo Rogers rogers at isi.edu
Date: Sun Jan 14 01:35:11 EET 2007
My N800 was working yesterday. Today, it refused to boot. Plugging in
the charger causes it to flash its screen every 6 seconds or so; at
first Nokia appears on the screen, but after a while the screen is
blank when luminous.

I tried reflashing. The reflash seemed to proceed normally, but failed
to cure the problem. I called Nokia Support; the person I talked to
suspected that the battery had died, and advised me to return the N800
to my place of purchase or mail it to the repair center in Huntsville,

Has anyone else seen these symptoms? Any useful advice? Thanks.

					Craig Milo Rogers

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