[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Anyone tested bluetooth Frogpad yet?

From: Anders Semb Hermansen anders at ginandtonic.no
Date: Mon Jan 15 22:13:20 EET 2007
Simon Opelt wrote:
> I was wondering if any 770/N800 user had a chance to verify if those sweet
> bluetooth frogpads [1] work out of the box (on the N800) or using the
> bluetooth keyboard applet (on the 770)?

I tried my frogpad today, for the first time with my 770. Latest OS2006 
and bluetooth-applet. It works :)

> Sure they seem to implement bluetooth HID but so does my apple wireless
> bluetooth keyboard and i never managed to get that one working ...

I borrowed one of those to try with my 770 and could not get it to work 
either. :(


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