[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: IMAP clients

From: Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Date: Sat Jan 20 01:53:22 EET 2007
On Fri Jan 19 22:28:17 2007, Kevin wrote:
> Dave Cridland wrote on 1/19/2007 12:15 PM:
>> It's probably not yet suitable for "real" mention on this list, 
>> since it's still in fairly early days, but I manage to use it to 
>> read, reply to, and forward my email. 
> It sounds interesting.  Do you have any sort of instructions for 
> installation?  Repositories, pre-reqs, etc.?

I did warn you, right?

Look at http://trac.dave.cridland.net/ which has all that, and more. 
I've not got an N800 to try it on, nor have I tried it on the new 
Python 2.5. Please share your experiences on the Wiki there, or just 
drop me a mail (or a Jabber message, or whatever).

I should probably note that you will require an IMAP account 
somewhere, and at least an SMTP server that speaks SMTP-AUTH. 
Ideally, you want a Lemonade-capable mail system, which involves a 
heavily extended IMAP and Submit server working in tandem - see 
http://www.lemonadeformobiles.com/ which gives a quite nice high 
level overview - and an ACAP account somewhere (which the Wiki will 
tell you how to get for free).

You'll find it beneficial to get its desktop variant, Polymer, 
working first, which uses the same library, and can share 
configuration. You'll also find it useful to be able to form valid 
IMAP SEARCH programs, which is a stark demonstration that this is not 
end-user ready software. :-)

Again, this is *NOT* for people who want things to "just work" at 
this stage. It's unlikely to erase your email, or destroy your 
favourite toy, but it may well lock it up, and/or flatten the battery.

On the plus side, it will never download all your mail under normal 
operation, and my INBOX has 40,000 messages in - it does, however, 
appear to download all your messages. (I used to test the library on 
mailboxes with well over 100,000 messages, which kills most 

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  - acap://acap.dave.cridland.net/byowner/user/dwd/bookmarks/
  - http://dave.cridland.net/
Infotrope Polymer - ACAP, IMAP, ESMTP, and Lemonade

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